The Physiotherapy Clinic – Newbury, Berkshire

work place assessments

This involves advice and assistance with prevention, treatment and management of work related problems and can offer display screen/work place assessments on request.

We can work on a one off or individual basis and provide advice when setting up a new office or assess a whole workforce and make recommendations for any necessary improvements.

We can help with the management of long term conditions such as repetitive strain injuries, to help you maximise your potential.

Prices are dependent upon individual needs.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements 




We accept payment by card, cheque, cash or bank transfer.
Costs for sessions with associates vary. Please ask for details and fees for Massage, Pilates, and Personal Training sessions.

Late cancellations and non-attendance charges are at the discretion of the clinician. We reserve the right to charge the full cost of an appointment for non-attendance or cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

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